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South Florida Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries come in every shape and size, and every accident is unique. Your situation deserves personalized attention from a Florida Personal Injury Attorney with the experience and resources to help. Roller Rubinstein in North Miami Beach, FL, handles all types of personal injury claims, from initial contact to the very last detail. Your personal injury lawyer from our firm handles interactions with law enforcement, insurance companies, and other involved parties while you focus on your recovery. Contact us immediately when you suffer a personal injury in South Florida through:

Attorneys with Roller Rubinstein begin investigating and representing you immediately when you are sidelined by a personal injury accident in Miami-Dade County. To you, we are a friendly neighborhood partner; to those responsible for your injuries, we are a formidable advocate tenaciously representing your interests and pursuing the most significant compensation possible under the law.

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Personal Injury

Justice for FL Employment Issues

Are you experiencing discrimination at work? Have your rights been violated by your employer or fellow employees? Miami-Dade and Broward County workers need a knowledgeable and experienced advocate when employers cross the line. Call us right away at 954-828-0333 if you are having problems at work due to:

Employment Law specialists at Roller Rubinstein can help you if your employer disputes your working hours or contracted wages, makes errors in your employment classification, or discriminates against you in any issue related to your employment. State and federal statutes protect Florida employees – we can help you understand your rights and know when those rights have been violated.
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Property Damage

Legal Help When You Suffer Property Damage in Florida

Property damage from severe weather is almost inevitable for Florida residents. Flash flooding and hurricanes regularly cause incredible damage to homes and businesses. Because Florida has frequent damage claims, property owners routinely encounter delays, disputes, and other tactics insurance companies use to reduce risk and claim payouts. Roller Rubinstein has experienced Florida Property Damage Lawyers who can help you get everything you deserve from your insurance company. Call us right away after your property suffers damage from:

Our team of arbitrators, negotiators, and litigators tenaciously fight to win you the full compensation you deserve to restore your property after severe weather events or other natural disasters. Learn more about how Roller Rubinstein pursues Florida property damage claims in a FREE, confidential evaluation.

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