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Florida Property Insurance Claims


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Florida Property Insurance Claims

Help Restoring Your South Florida Property

Property insurance claims are a necessary evil when nature or other actors damage your valuable South Florida property. No one looks forward to dealing with insurance companies, especially after suffering a massive loss from water or hurricanes. This is especially true when, historically, insurance company customer service is less than admirable.

Roller Rubinstein has Florida Property Damage Lawyers who can be your legal advocates when dealing with property insurance companies. Prudent property owners partner with us to make sure they get everything they deserve when their homes or businesses are damaged by:

Our tenacious team of negotiators and litigators will fight to win you the compensation you deserve to restore your valuable Miami Beach property after wind and waves wreak havoc. Take care of your family and other interests while we battle delays, disputes, and other tactics that threaten to rob you of a complete claim payoff.

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Why Do I Need a South Florida Property Damage Lawyer?

In a perfect world, you would receive timely claim approval, quick repairs, and an overall quality experience when you suffer property damage. After all, you pay expensive insurance premiums to protect your investment – you have every right to expect fair treatment. Sadly, insurance companies employ numerous tactics to reduce payouts and mitigate risk for their company – they are for-profit businesses, after all.

Roller Rubinstein property damage attorneys know how to combat these tactics and fight back when you encounter:

  • Claim disputes
  • Incorrect damage estimations
  • Surprise policy exclusions
  • Claim processing delays
  • Repair delays
  • Payout delays
  • Poor workmanship
  • Denied claims
  • Lowball settlement offers

Their favorite tactic is delay, hoping your mounting frustration will cause you to give up or take a ridiculously low settlement offer. Don’t play their game – partner with Roller Rubinstein in North Miami Beach for formidable legal representation. We know their favorite arguments for delaying or denying claims, and we know how to fight back.

Why Choose Roller Rubinstein for Florida Property Damage Claim Assistance?

Brian Roller and Moshe Rubinstein both have broad experience with property damage claim disputes over personal and business properties. Their varied experiences in the business world and dealing with insurance companies give them a significant level of expertise. They know the law and how to make insurance companies toe the line and fulfill the terms of their contracts.

Simply partnering with a well-known Florida Property Damage Lawyer from Roller Rubinstein puts your insurance company on notice that you will not be taken advantage of and that you are serious about getting what you deserve. We can leverage our knowledge and skills to expedite the claims process and get you the most favorable results. Let us handle pursuing your claim while you focus on rebuilding your life after tragedy strikes.

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Help with Water Damage Claims

Water damage from flooding, broken pipes, or heavy rain causes significant damage to homes and businesses without notice. The cost to repair water damage can be staggering, which is why you pay for insurance protection. But how do you know if your water damage is covered? And what happens when your damage claim meets with a dispute or denial? Your home or business can suffer water damage due to:

  • Hurricanes
  • Other severe weather events
  • Heavy rain
  • Storm surge
  • Broken water lines
  • Appliance failures
  • Sewage backups
  • Flooding

Homeowners and business owners have different insurance products to protect their investments when water causes damage. After paying your premiums on time, you expect to have your property repaired or replaced. Roller Rubinstein in North Miami Beach can help you understand your insurance coverage and pursue a water damage claim to get your property back on track.

Your Type of Water Damage Matters

The type of water damage you incur in your home or business matters in the insurance industry. Although water damage claims are among the most common recovery assistance requests, they are also among the most troublesome. Certain complexities exist that define what types of water damage are covered by different insurance policies.

Water damage can be covered by your:

  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Commercial building insurance
  • Hurricane insurance
  • Flood insurance

However, the type of water damage you incur determines which coverage applies. As a general rule, water from above is covered under a standard homeowners’ policy, but water from below is not. For example, a tree falls and damages your roof, allowing rain inside and causing water damage. Your homeowners’ policy would cover this damage. A broken pipe under the floor that floods your basement would be covered; however, flood waters from storm surges, nearby rivers, streams, and lakes would not be covered.

Hurricane and flood insurance offers additional coverage for water damage from off your property. Banks and other lenders often require flood insurance if your home or business property is in a FEMA-defined flood zone.

Contact Roller Rubinstein today at 954-828-0333 or contact us online to request a review of your insurance coverage if your South Florida property sustains water damage.

Why Partner with Roller Rubinstein?

Sadly, many insurers look for reasons to delay, underpay, or even deny water damage claims to save their company money. You paid your premiums and expect your property damage to be covered – but it is seldom that simple. Home and commercial property owners routinely encounter problems with their water damage claims, such as:

  • Denying you have coverage
  • Citing pre-existing conditions or uncovered circumstances that void your coverage
  • Delaying claim processing or payouts
  • Undervaluing your water damage
  • Refusing to honor your policy’s coverage guarantees

You could be left with damaged property and incredible repair costs you cannot afford. A South Florida Property Damage Claim Attorney from Roller Rubinstein can help you hold the insurance company accountable and receive everything you deserve. Don’t settle for a rejected claim, underpaid claim, or unconscionable delays – get seasoned legal help for water damage claims in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties and surrounding South Florida communities.

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A South Florida Property Damage Claim Attorney from Roller Rubinstein can help you hold the insurance company accountable so you receive the compensation you deserve.

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