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Wage and Hour Claims

Roller Rubinstein – Using the law to help Broward County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County, and South Florida residents when they suffer injuries, property damage, and workplace injustices. 
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What Are Florida Wage and Hour Claims? 

Every Florida employer must adhere to state and federal labor laws regarding employee pay and benefits. Such laws include the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Florida Minimum Wage Act (Section 448.110 of the State Constitution). These laws govern minimum wage rates, overtime pay, employer pay recordkeeping, and even protect minors in the workplace.

Roller Rubinstein helps employees file Florida wage and hour claims when their employer violates state or federal labor laws. If you have been unfairly compensated for your work and time, a wage and hour lawsuit can help you get justice. 

These and many other scenarios are valid offenses against you that violate state and federal labor laws. An experienced Employment Law Attorney in North Miami Beach from Roller Rubinstein can explain these laws and identify other violations against you in a confidential consultation. 

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Common Florida Wage and Hour Claims 

Employers in Aventura can inadvertently violate state and federal labor laws in their employment practices. Deliberate or accidental violations still rob you of valuable pay and benefits you have earned.
Brian Roller and Moshe Rubinstein have extensive real-world business experience and intimate knowledge of the law; they can help you determine if your employer has violated your rights and if you have a valid wage and hour claim. 

Come common Florida wage and hour claims include the following: 

Any failure or refusal to pay an employee according to a legal work contract or applicable laws is considered wage theft. Roller Rubinstein can help you pursue a wage and hour claim with the appropriate agencies and courts if your employer cannot resolve these issues. Any retribution by your employer for attempting to resolve these issues or filing a wage and hour claim violates your rights and the law. We can protect your rights and help you hold them accountable. 

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